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Illustrator (Desktop) Bugs

When reporting a bug, please provide a detailed description with the following:

  1. Details of your operating system
  2. The version of Adobe Illustrator (desktop) 
  3. The steps you were taking when you experienced the issues
  4. Your expected result and the actual result
  5. Upload your Illustrator file or a video (screen recording or gif, this helps us most to reproduce the issue and resolve it)

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  1. Illustrator 25.4.1 Generating constant 105MB log files into com.adobe.dunamis folder and filling up hard drive

    When I am working in Illustrator, my fan starts to run and Illustrator generates multiple log files per minute in the com.adobe.dunamis folder. Each log file is roughly 105MB and before I was able to pinpoint what was going on, it filled my hard drive with 750GB of log files. If I close Illustrator and reopen it, it stops for awhile but I haven't been able to pinpoint what triggers the start of the log file generation – it isn't consistently doing it, but it does occur multiple times per day.

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    7 comments  ·  Performance  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

    We have fixed this issue in our latest Pre-release build of 26.0.2

    Please follow the instructions below to get CCD Prerelease build.
    1. If you are not already part of the Illustrator Prerelease program then please click this link to join the prerelease –
    2. Accept Prerelease Agreement
    3. Go to Creative Cloud Desktop and look for Prerelease in the Apps section.
    4. Install/Update to Illustrator Prerelease 26.0.2 from Creative Cloud Desktop Pre-Release Tab(This will not replace the existing installation of Release build of Illustrator)

    Please share your comments on whether this issue is fixed for you.

  2. illustrator crashes when using surface pen to draw

    as soon as i use Illustrator to draw using my surface pen on my surface 4 pro illustrator crashes. it did this to me in the trail of cc 2018 however i assumed it was because of the trail version. i subscribed to cc 2018 a few days ago to draw and i haven't been able to draw with my tablet. mouse seems to work but as soon as i use a brush with my surface pen it crashes and will not allow me to generate a crash report as it stays gray forcing me to restart my computer.

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    Raghuveer Singh [10:04 AM]

    Please accept my sincere apology for the inconvenience and disappointment the issue has caused. We do test our products thoroughly including running it through multiple beta testers and we really regret that this issue slipped past our quality checks.
    We have a fix and is available in the pre-release build. Please visit and get the latest build for version 23.0.5 (Build 2). While the build is prerelease this build is still of production quality. Please feel free to use/recommend it for your day to day activity.
    We would appreciate if you can give us the feedback on the correctness of the fix by pressing the Thumbs up button on the UserVoice page.

    Raghuveer Singh | Sr. Software Product Quality Specialist | Illustrator Team
    Creativity is all around you.

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