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Illustrator (Desktop) Bugs

When reporting a bug, please provide a detailed description with the following:

  1. Details of your operating system
  2. The version of Adobe Illustrator (desktop) 
  3. The steps you were taking when you experienced the issues
  4. Your expected result and the actual result
  5. Upload your Illustrator file or a video (screen recording or gif, this helps us most to reproduce the issue and resolve it)

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  1. Color Settings Auto Defaulting

    When you open up a file in the new Illustrator 2019 it automatically defaults your document to have "Emulate Adobe Illustrator 6.0". You can change your color settings to what you want, in my case I use "North American General Purpose 2". But when you click into a different application, ex. Internet, Photoshop, anything; your file changes your color setting back to "Emulate Adobe Illustrator 6.0". This is extremely frustrating and annoying. Please fix.

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    We have a fix available and you should not have this issue if you have the following version of these Creative Cloud applications

    Please update to:

    • Illustrator (23.0.1)
    • Photoshop (20.0.1)
    • InDesign (14.0.1)
    • Bridge (9.0.1)

    Please refer below for an issue with recent version 25.2.1 –

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