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  1. Super slow response since updating to Illustrator 2020

  2. Add data attributes to elements for SVG export

  3. save for web image has missing data / missing layer

  4. Keep all user preference data on the cloud.

  5. In Variables - "Update Data set " does NOT work: NOT reacting on changing DATA from the Source File. case Number ADB-6495411-N0N4

  6. Bug in pasting of metafile data from clipboard

  7. Save recovery data unless file is over *** MB...

  8. Ability to link "Data set name" upon CSV import for Variables panel

  9. <critical bug> can open same file. that means lose data anytime.

  10. Introducing Responsive Artboards with possibility to drag and arrange the boards

  11. Variable printing - ignoring a blank cell in the data library

  12. Adobe should add newly released Pantone colors with every software update. Responsibility for this should not fall on user shoulders.

  13. Bug Report: Variable data from XML file with Special Character Does not work

  14. 'Turn off Data Recovery for complex documents' should be on by default

  15. tools not responsize, grabbing things and not letting them go (including the artboard itself)

  16. Add "Crop Image Data to Frames" option to PDF Export (after first adding PDF Export).

  17. Mouse response too slow to use Illustrator. Clicking on the file menu causes a 5 second delay to open it.

  18. Charts and Graphs: x-axis number values shift when revising data in a bar graph

  19. Improve Graph / Chart tool  ·  Need More Info

  20. Updating to 2019 makes illustrator useless - downloads tons of data upon saving a file

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