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  1. Ability to precisely control the center of a radial gradient, its hilite angle/length

    Add more options to the Gradient tool, especially the radial gradient option. The ability to move the center of the radial gradient would be very useful for cartographers making maps and having the ability to show spheres (3-D circular objects) with a source of light northwest (or any other angle) of the circular object. The attached file should better explain the desired outcome. Your competitors (CorelDraw and Canvas) have had that feature for years, yet Illustrator is more often used for making maps than the other software packages.

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    1 comment  ·  Gradients  ·  Admin →
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    Need More Info  ·  Yogesh Sharma responded

    Hi Kazimierz,

    You can modify the center of the radial gradient. Just choose the Gradient tool (G) with the objects selected (and gradient applied). Drag it across the shape. The start point comes the center of the gradient.

    Does that work for you?


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