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  1. Place embedded pdf Link with Option to Convert all text as outlines

    When opening a pdf in illustrator, if the pdf contains fonts that are not installed on the system. it will ask to find the font. and substitute a system default. the vector data for that font is in the pdf. if you take the same pdf, place it as a link, then flatten transparency, you can select "Convert all text to outlines", I would like the option to select "Convert all text to outlines" when embedding a placed PDF, so all fonts will be outlines and show properly even if font is not shown. it would use pdf font data…

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    We have started working on the tech that allows us to enable the following:

    • Ability to convert the outlined/expanded text back to live text.
    • Ability to lock objects to a character/glyph of a live text, allowing users to change the text (properties) while the object stays locked into the character.

    As we work through the complexities of handling different font families, font size, and other font properties, we would love to meet with you and share our thinking around it and understand :

    • Your use cases and workflows that this feature will help you with.
    • What is most essential for you.
    • The workarounds that you currently use to achieve this.

    If you are interested, please pick a time slot that works for you using this link.

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