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FAQ: How to Update Illustrator?

How to Update Illustrator to the latest version?

Illustrator can be updated to the latest version by clicking on the Update button inside the Adobe Creative Cloud Application. For the location of the update, button refer to "Reference Image: Update Button and Check for Updates options" at end of this post.

I do not see the Update Button?

Update button not visible can happen in certain scenarios:
  1. Adobe creative cloud periodically checks for updates. It is normal for updates to be visible many hours after we have gone live with the build. To force check an update click on the submenu link "Check for App Updates".  For the location of this submenu refer to "Reference Image: Update Button and Check for Updates options" at end of this post.
  2. You will not see the update button if your operating system is not compatible with the update being rolled out. For details of the supported operating system refer to our system requirements page.

How do I know What is new with the update?

Here are the few ways of getting this information:
  1. Click on What's new? hyperlink. For minor releases like 22.1 you will find the summary information within Adobe Creative Cloud application. For a major release like 22.0 you will be directed to your browser where we will open an page. Refer to the image  "Reference Image: What's New"
  2. Please visit our knowledge base dedicated to What's New . This page is likely yo give you the most comprehensive details of the release. -> Most Recommended Option
  3. Please visit this page on This page gives you an overview of all the features 

Reference Image: Update Button and Check for Updates options

  Reference Image: What's New


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