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    Sofía commented  · 

    Dear Adobe Development Team,

    I am reaching out to you to submit a feature request for Adobe Illustrator. I would like to propose the implementation of a function that allows for the automatic replacement of multiple links with a single click.

    Function Description:

    The function I propose is an integrated option within Adobe Illustrator that enables the selection of multiple links simultaneously and replaces them with a new linked file, eliminating the need for individual replacement. By selecting the desired links and applying this function, Illustrator would automatically update all selected links with the new linked file, significantly streamlining the workflow.

    Benefits for Users:

    This function would save valuable time for users working with multiple links in their Illustrator projects. By being able to replace multiple links with a single click, the need for manually repeating the replacement process for each individual link would be greatly reduced. This would improve efficiency and productivity for users, especially in projects involving a large number of links.

    Examples and Use Cases:

    - A graphic designer working on a product catalog with linked images. With the proposed function, the designer could easily select all the linked images in the catalog and replace them when the product images are updated, without the need for individual replacements.

    - An illustrator working on a book with numerous linked illustrations. If there is a need to modify or enhance a specific illustration, the proposed function would allow for selecting all linked instances of that illustration and replacing them simultaneously, ensuring consistency throughout the book.

    I firmly believe that the implementation of this function in Adobe Illustrator would greatly benefit users by improving efficiency and saving time in the link replacement process.

    I sincerely appreciate your consideration of this request and commend your ongoing dedication to the development of Adobe Illustrator. I hope you can assess the feasibility of this function and consider its implementation in future updates.

    Thank you.

    Sofía supported this idea  · 

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