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    I am happy to share that we have fixed this bug in our latest release – 24.3.0 which is available worldwide now.

    Going forward, our goal is to fix as many top User-Voice bugs as possible and as frequently as possible. Given the nature of the fixes, some of the bugs will take a longer time to fix, but we are on it.

    You can update to the latest release using Creative Cloud desktop App:

    Thank you for all the feedback. Keep it coming!

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    Tyler WIlliams commented  · 

    One more thing: Adobe Support, please note that this issue has been reported multiple times in different bug inquiries like this one. I believe this is due to this bug being difficult to name/describe. Therefore, when considering this bug for escalation/prioritization, please add up all of the inquiries on this topic which go by multiple names.

    Thank you.

    Tyler WIlliams supported this idea  · 
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    Tyler WIlliams commented  · 

    To the community:

    Hey guys,

    I'm perhaps reiterating what's been said already but the best workaround I have found is to move the Illustrator screen left or right. Just shifting it away from the spot it goes when clicking the full-screen button (which doesn't work with AI as it does with all(?) other apps on Mac, I might add), that enables the functionality to work again. Experiment with this to see what I mean.

    To be clear, this does *not* fix the problem, but it gets around it until you are ready to restart AI. This, at least, has prevented me from losing work since I learned the trick.

    To Adobe Support:
    Please give this some attention. Bugs should not be measured in volume alone but also in severity. This issue is causing people to lose work. And, it's like sitting under a flickering light. It's grating on the nerves the user, causing ever-present thoughts of software alternatives. This is like sitting on a tack and eventually, those of us experiencing the issue are going to get up and find a new seat.

    At the very least, will you please investigate and publish a do-it-yourself remedy to this? It was like pulling my own teeth out trying to troubleshoot this when I opened a support incident with Adobe. I had to repeatedly ask for the next troubleshooting step beyond the one I was being asked to try. "Contact us again after you've done this step and reference the incident ID." For reasons I do not understand, my support rep would not say anything beyond the current step when I asked until I eventually asked to speak with a lead or supervisor.

    I would prefer to know the one step that fixes this issue for most/all users--but at least, I would like to know the steps I should follow without having to contact support after each one. The initial troubleshooting with support offered busyness but no improvement to the problem.

    Support: in your internal notes from troubleshooting this issue with customers, which steps have resolved this specific issue? Can you share each solution that has worked? Will you please avoid sharing the generic answers, such as "reboot" and "delete your AI preferences file" unless you have records of these steps fixing *this* specific issue?

    Thank you for taking the time to consider my request. I do like my Adobe products but this is driving me batty!


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