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Illustrator (Desktop) Bugs

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  1. Unecessary trapping bug

    Whenever I send that was made in CC2018 to our Rip there is trapping added to it. This has never happened for the many years I have been using illustrator. This art is butt up without any stroke and should not trap at all. I thought it was our rip software but I tried a different brand rip at another shop and the problem remains. The problem disappears when I disable overprint but I need to use that for base plates and die lines. I am on Illustrator CC 22.0.0

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    Trapping can happen if there are two objects with just fill color and if they overlap each other with overprint attribute set then the end result is trapping. The objects in the file you provided overlaps each other to the tune of 0.2 pt with the top object having overprint attribute set.

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