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Illustrator (Desktop) Bugs

When reporting a bug, please provide a detailed description with the following:

  1. Details of your operating system
  2. The version of Adobe Illustrator (desktop) 
  3. The steps you were taking when you experienced the issues
  4. Your expected result and the actual result
  5. Upload your Illustrator file or a video (screen recording or gif, this helps us most to reproduce the issue and resolve it)

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  1. Align and Transform Not Working

    Not sure if I can articulate it properly, but here we go:

    By example: I'm working with a logo and each time I drag a guide down to flush against the top of the logo, it goes just past it or just above it. It won't let me place the guide directly on top. Another example, when moving items around with arrow keys or trackpad, items won't automatically center or align with whatever I'm trying to align it to. It's like if I have an item on the X axis at 12.23 and want to align item two with it,…

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    1 comment  ·  Snapping  ·  Admin →
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    As noted in comments the problem is most probably in the enabled Align Art to Pixel Grid option, in the right top corner. The grid is disabled, but the snapping occurs. There are some changes planned to streamline this workflow, because this is very generic problem.

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