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    I am happy to share that we have fixed this bug in our latest release – 24.2.0 which is available worldwide now.

    Going forward, our goal is to fix as many top User-Voice bugs as possible and as frequently as possible. Given the nature of the fixes, some of the bugs will take a longer time to fix, but we are on it.

    You can update to the latest release using Creative Cloud desktop App:

    Thank you for all the feedback. Keep it coming!

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    I posted this on the community forum and it was recommended that I share it here as well. Following are my comments in full. Issue definitely not fixed in 24.2.1.
    I just upgraded to Illustrator 24.2.1 a few days ago and have had issues with my Keyboard Increment settings and Transform palette measurements ever since.
    I've seen several others questions here and elsewhere regarding how Illustrator will round off artboard sizes (x.375 becomes x.38 etc) but this is quite the opposite problem.
    I usually work in picas and, since the dawn of time, my Keyboard Increment setting in General preferences has been 0p1. Now it keeps defaulting to 0p0.9996. Ditto for the measurements that show up in my Transform palette. If I reposition something or make a size adjustment, either with arrow keys or specifically typing what I want, it changes my specs.
    Say I have a box that is at 15p0 on the Y axis. If I nudge it down, it goes as follows: 15p > 15p0.9996 > 15p2.0004 > 15p3 > 15p3.9996 and so on.
    I know that my end results are not going to be visibly different to the naked eye. But it's a problem for my general workflow. I gave a nice clear example with easy numbers but it's more disorienting when numbers are randomized and, for example, maybe I'm just trying to look at two items quickly and see if they're the same.
    What happened with Illustrator? Is there a way to get back some "normal" settings? I'm a print designer and, even if I'm making dielines, my work is not critical to the ten-thousandth decimal.

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