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    SLC500 commented  · 

    Pantone has never defined the colors in CMYK. This looks like as a comfortable solution but causing a lot of misunderstoods and incompatibilty. The orginal Pantone color defintion is in CIELAB, more precisely measured and stored as spectral values. CIELAB is used as a interpretation for using in applications not able to deal with spectral values. Next downstep is that the CMYK separation numbers are based on the profile of the intended output. As you maybe know best match of the spot color in a CMYK system is device dependent. Same CMYK could be very different on different printing systems. So CMYK is not "standard" for all output. To find the best CMYK replacement is calculated by CMS system depend on your color settings' working colorspace CMYK. There are many issue at the printers when they are printing from a file that contains those old school CMYK alternative data.
    Pantone colors is intended for spotcolor printing not for CMYK. It is a long story why do they enabled that quirky CMYK replacement solution. If you want a nice blue in cmyk you should mixing that on color panel not refer to ReflexBlue. In this case, too, the output is important
    If you have a brand color definition in spot color and if you want to print in CMYK rendering the best matching color, you should use conversion based on actual printing profile. Maybe the best workflow is that when you keep it as SpotColor with LAB values and leave the conversion task for an adequate colorserver or RIP. Keep in mind the X-Rite has redefined the complete PMS in 2010 on new medias ( OBA used in papers Coated and Uncoated,). Named as Pantone Plus C and U color library. The Pantone Plus contain more or less different shades under same name. In last 10 years they have extended with several hundred new colors also. Those old numbers in CMYK were used to help the operators with lean color knowlidge and applications' defficency and some marketing to use Pantone as a color standard. It is the same story with Pantone ColorBridge fan deck. It can use for some information only, but based on printing GraCol G7 system only. It is not a reference, not intended use for quality control or visual matching of production.
    Adobe has changed the Pantone digital colorlibraries refering to changes. It is correct. All of the designer should understand these tools and handling.

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