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    Anonymous commented  · 

    Yes, I too am flabbergasted that there is no History Panel in Illustrator - ie. just a simple visual listing of a series of undo/redo steps, like you have for instance in Microsoft Word!

    This whole story is absolutely bizarre:

    - the lack of such a basic, essential feature which offers an obvious and massive benefit to anyone's workflow, even the CTRL-Z cowboys; a feature that is undoubtedly easy to implement as the functionality in the "engine" already exists, in the form of that CTRL-Z. (Via the Menu > Edit > Undo "x", is even already displayed what exactly the step is that's about to be undone. It just needs a "wrapper"... there's no way it's not implemented because it's "too complicated" - for a company with Adobe's track record and vast array of powerful and complex software and the experience that comes from it?? If it's possible to make non-linear history happen in Photoshop, it should certainly be a piece of cake to make a series of steps visible via a list. Consider how it works in Excel - yes, it's potentially computationally intensive, and yes, every undo step in a series is recalculated. Definitely not a reason not to implement the function though)

    - the lack of any decent official response: never mind that a reason for this "design choice" is never given, but the type and tone of responses, tolerated by the company, that are being given by it's official representatives is baffling. They're just plain rude!! And their puny attempts at argumentation are weak: digressing from the issue, personally attacking the CUSTOMERS, offering "solutions" which are wholly inadequate...
    Yeah I have to say, this is not a good look on Adobe.

    It's like, if I called a cab service to get to the airport with my luggage and a dude would roll up to me and hand me a skateboard and dare call me stupid for finding the solution unworkable and inadequate. I'd be supposed to feel ashamed for even entertaining the notion of being entitled to any higher level of service, and any other cab company is also stupid for actually driving people to their destination in a cab? Does this make sense to anyone :>

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