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Hannah Boyer

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    Hannah Boyer commented  · 

    I love the idea of the touch interface but it is a little TOO simple to contain everything you would need for the workspace. . People are understandably frustrated, and I am too. Here is my analysis and suggestions for how I would improve the workspace. Here are the issues I've had, and what should be added as a result

    This Touch interface will not work for people who do not have an additional Bluetooth keyboard.

    There are so many crucial functions connected to the keys Shift, alt, and command/ctrl. Some of the most important functions are constraining proportions/movements and making copies.

    Solution: There is a ton of space in the toolbar margins on either the top or bottom. Add a "button" for each key (Shift, Ctrl/Command, and Alt) that once selected will remain "pressed" much like a caps lock would, until selected once again. This will remove basically all the need for a keyboard for most tools.


    In addition to the pen tool, make sure to include "add anchor point tool" and subtract the anchor point tool" and the keyboard shortcut to access them while using the pen tool. I find sometimes I go back to a path and while moving around points I need another or to remove one, which I cannot do until I change workspaces. I would just consider making all tools in the Touch workspace unchanged from how it functions in the Essentials workspace.


    For whatever reason (at least on my computer) the functions for the select tool and direct select tool are switched, which causes confusion. I'm not sure if others are having this problem, it could just be mine.
    Also, there is a button that says "Tool Options," it looks like a properties option, under the direct select tool but when I click it nothing happens, which is sad because I think it would've improved the functionality for the tools


    There should be access to the layers panel by default, so it is easier to navigate the order of objects you are working with and further simplifies selecting, locking, and changing the visibility of all things on your artboard.


    You can use two fingers to move around the screen and pinch in and out to zoom, HOWEVER, the interface CONSTANTLY mixes up those movements as "rotation" so while I try to zoom in or out or move, suddenly the canvas has been rotated while I'm working on it.

    Solution: There should also be a "Rotate View" option and/or the hand tool.

    Adding the "Rotate View" or a default button to reset the rotation back to 0 will allow you to correct these accidental rotations. Adding the move tool would mean there was no need to worry about accidentally rotating the screen as you could move around freely even without a keyboard.


    Finally, you should add a "Windows" screen or an "Add Tools" button to the Touch Workspace, and expand the toolbar to include all the options (file, edit, object, type, select, effect, view, window, and help) because this will eliminate any problems people have with not having enough tools and functions.

    If you are concerned about the amount of space this would take up, put each nested under the "file" dropdown, and then it wouldn't take up any screen real estate.


    I think there is a great selection of default tools someone might use in a "Touch" workspace. The Undo, Redo, and add/subtract to selections are all GREAT for when you don't have access to a keyboard and still need to use those functions, and I would consider making them into tools you can add to regular workspaces as well.

    All of this considered, I still find myself missing tools or functions that change from project to project, which essentially makes the "touch" workspace impractical and useless because I have to change the workspace if I can't access a specific tool/function. Adding the OPTION to add tools or windows would easily fix that problem and allow people to customize (and save) their Touch workspace as needed.

    If you add the ability to customize the Touch workspace, with the Windows option and Add tools option, people will be able to curate their touch spaces exactly how they need it just like they can do with every other workspace.

    Hannah Boyer supported this idea  · 

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