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Theresa Paesani

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    Need More Info  ·  Yogesh Sharma responded

    Please share your thoughts on the following:

    1. Would it make sense to have a separate desktop app, just to create charts, and bring them inside Illustrator or InDesign? It may not be on cloud.

    2. Or would you rather have us work on building it within Illustrator?


    Theresa Paesani supported this idea  · 
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    Theresa Paesani commented  · 

    It seems that the more AI has evolved the more the graph tool has devolved. I've found it more and more challenging to make a simple readable graph.
    – You've removed almost all capabilities for the created graph to be re-sized. There is no bounding box and handles. The only remaining option is to go to Transform > Scale> and then you have to enter percentages rather than any unit of measurement
    – The looks for the graphs are minimal. PowerPoint offers a more diverse selection of "looks" for the graphs. Sure it's AI but now I have to make a graph then expand it to make any kind of decent visual improvement and the graph itself is un-editable. If I need to edit the graph data, I now have to re-do the entire process to make it look nice.
    – Data editing is archaic. HOW have you still not integrated an easy-to-use table that mimics the interface of Excel/Numbers?!? Just adding the data is one of the most annoying parts of making a graph.
    – I'm not sure what's going on with the legend but it's not working. I select options for my graph "Type" and nothing changes. I get a base graph. No data labels, no legend. Nothing.

    – Another fun discovery is that I can't expand the graph into shapes. I go to Object > Expand and nothing happens. It's still a united "Graph" object.
    I think this tool has been forgotten about in favore of creating other 'useful' features. It's quite frustrating when you need to add graphic visuals and it takes you more time to make the graph than it does the rest of the project.

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