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    Helen commented  · 

    So, sync CC Libraries locally as well as on the cloud? Makes sense to me! Surely this is a simple matter to implement? Here are some benefits off the top of my head;
    • It would enable you to curate a library of CC files in Bridge AND have them accessible to the whole team in AI where they’re needed (the present setup where CC files and CC libraries are separate does not allow this). This enables you to run batch operations to customise library items from Illustrator. Super powerful stuff!
    • We’ve made some types of assets in full 3D rotation, e.g. figures, vehicles, buildings etc. and we store them in a set of master files. If the libraries and local files were synced, then we could export each asset straight from the file and have each one individually available in the library panel. This would make it possible to make tweaks to the colour and style to the whole set of assets in the master file, and then have those changes flow straight through to the library for the whole team.
    • Linking files – as above, create a master file full of assets e.g. icons, logos, branding materials etc. Then export them to the library and link them in projects in AI, Indesign, Muse etc. So far so familiar but now you can have them appear in the library panel too!
    • At the moment, libraries are tied to the account that created them, meaning that if the account is cancelled due to that person leaving the company, all the work they did in the library is lost too. Doh! The solution is to manually transfer assets out of the old account, but, when you’ve got several dozen libraries containing tens of thousands of assets, that’s going to take quite a bit of time. If the libraries were synced locally and shared across teams, this issue would go away!

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