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Donna Oxley

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    Need More Info  ·  Yogesh Sharma responded

    Please share your thoughts on the following:

    1. Would it make sense to have a separate desktop app, just to create charts, and bring them inside Illustrator or InDesign? It may not be on cloud.

    2. Or would you rather have us work on building it within Illustrator?


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    Donna Oxley commented  · 

    I think the problem is that for a good number of years now Adobe has been run by bean counters rather than people who really understand and are passionate about developing and improving their products. There are now a good number of free 'Open Source' alternatives to the holy trinity (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign) and if Adobe are not careful people will start turning to these alternatives in the same way that a lot of companies are using 'Open Office' and Google Docs instead of Microsoft Office.

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    Donna Oxley commented  · 

    Ian Aberle,

    Thanks for highlighting this dreadful tutorial. Words fail me. What muppet at Adobe thinks this is good?

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    Donna Oxley commented  · 

    The first version of Adobe Illustrator I ever used used was Illustrator '88 because it was launched in 1988. In all this time I have seen a lot of bells and whistles added to Illustrator but the graph tool has never been touched since 1988. It's really not fit for purpose in the year 2020. At the very least couldn't you link it to an Excel file so that when the data changes it would update the graph via the links panel. This already happens in InDesign. Some preview check boxes in the dialogue boxes would be useful too and a way of creating a simple 3D graph would help. Surely these are minor tweaks and NO - we don't want a separate app or plugins or anything that costs more money. It should be par for the course in something that is supposed to be a premium vector drawing application.

    Donna Oxley supported this idea  · 

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