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Sandee "Vectorbabe" Cohen

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    Need More Info  ·  Yogesh Sharma responded

    Please share your thoughts on the following:

    1. Would it make sense to have a separate desktop app, just to create charts, and bring them inside Illustrator or InDesign? It may not be on cloud.

    2. Or would you rather have us work on building it within Illustrator?


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    Sandee "Vectorbabe" Cohen commented  · 

    I've shared some of this with the AI team, but here are my dream features for Charts and Graphs.

    First, I actually don't want it embedded in Illustrator. I would like it as a stand-alone application. But the window for this application could open inside Illustrator. Think of what it's like to edit a symbol, group, pattern, etc.

    But, if necessary, the application could also be opened and used without Illustrator running. The tools would be limited, but the application would run fast.

    The data would be linked to Excel files. The users could update from Excel, or decline.

    The data could also come from simple tab/comma delimited files. This is very helpful. For instance, I've got a medical device that exports only CSV data. I don't want to have to import it into Excel to then export it out.

    Because the application is stand-alone in its own window, it should also be able to be opened in InDesign.

    Both the AI and ID graphs would be linked to the original data. Because it is a separate file, salesmen and others could easily modify the data and then the designer would update the final project.

    In addition, the elements in the window would be selectable and features such as AI filters and ID animations could be applied.

    This would allow users to have dynamic, animated graphs, for Publish Online as well as FXL e-pubs.

    Of course the application would have to be developed by both the AI and ID teams. But since you're all in India, that shouldn't be hard. ;-)

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