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    Hi Everyone,

    This has been completed, and has available since June 2020 release (version 24.2)

    Please go to Illustrator preferences > General > and select “Show/Hide Rulers” (refer attached screenshot). After checking this, if you hit ‘Show Rulers (Ctrl/Cmd + R)’, then the rulers will appear in every document (new and old), even after relaunching Illustrator.

    Please update to the latest release using Creative Cloud desktop App:

    Thank you for all the feedback.

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    Jon commented  · 

    Hey all.

    Adobe goofed up, they marked this as "Complete" so my guess is, as far as they're concerned, it's done and they won't be revisiting it, soooo...

    I started a new request that can't possibly be misinterpreted, even if English is their 2nd or 3rd language.

    Go here: and vote it up.

    They were so close... so close...

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    Jon commented  · 

    You recently closed this request as ""Completed" it is most certainly NOT complete. It's close, so close we can taste it, but it isn't finished yet.

    Right now, we have the new, and almost glorious, option to "show/hide rulers across all documents". It works nearly wonderfully well as every new document I open (after enabling the new preference and hitting Ctrl + R) has rulers.

    I open a new file, hey, rulers!
    I open an old file, yesssss, rulers!
    I close AI and open it the next day and <sad trombone> NO RULERS?!?!?
    Ctrl + R and there they are again, in every document I open...

    AI needs to remember that I hit Ctrl + R yesterday, or last Tuesday, or January 2016 to get the rulers to display and then display them whenever I open the program, until such a time in which I turn them off, which quite frankly, will be never, but hey, other people might like not having rulers, so make it remember that they're off when they're turned off and on when they're turned on...

    This isn't rocket surgery.

    I like Rulers on. Bob likes them off. The setting in preferences should read as "Show/Hide Rulers by Default". If it's checked, AI shows me the rulers, every document, every time. When it's not checked, AI shows no rulers for Bob, every document, every time.

    Jon supported this idea  · 

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