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    AppleJunkie commented  · 

    Bought about 30 brand new fully loaded i9 MacBook Pros (2019) with Asus 32" 4K ProArt external monitors for my studio. Day one after deployment, users started complaining about a lag that many said they couldn't tolerate. That lag didn't' exist with the older fully loaded i7 MacBook Pro laptops with Apple Thunderbolt displays. So, needless to say, after spending over $150,000 on studio equipment, I had a pretty big issue on my hands. I immediately started reaching out to Adobe and to Asus. Asus swore their computer wasn't the issue. We went through various adapters, cables, etc. And Adobe swore it wasn't their application. But, it was a combination of both!

    If you look on Adobe's website for minimum requirements for Adobe Illustrator, it has ridiculously low specifications (Multicore Intel processor, 8 GB of RAM, 1024 x 768 display, 2 GB of available hard-disk space, Mac OS 10.13, 10.14, 10.15). Our equipment exceeded that by far! What they don't tell you is that if you go over the 1024x768 and jump to 4k that you need to be running 60hz on your monitor! I advised them to update their minimum requirements to include this information but I see it still hasn't been included. I bet all of these forums with users having issues wouldn't exist if that info was updated.

    Ok, so that was the first part, acknowledging the software needed 60hz monitor to run smoothly. Well, out of the box, my Asus ProArts only ran 30hz. Reading the manual, Asus claimed the monitor could achieve 60hz by HDMI 1 port . You would think the cables that came with the monitor would work, nope! Had to buy several adapters and cables to finally find what allowed the Mac to see the proper refresh rate and resolution. Asus support was no help. I replied back to them with what did work with detailed instructions on what ports and how to get the the selections from the displays preferences. I tried everything but only the Display Port was able to achieve the 60hz at 4k.

    So, after getting the appropriate fast 4k 60hz cable (don't do adapters, just do a cable convert direct connect from computer to monitor) and seeing that the monitor was at 60hz, Illustrator worked with NO lag!

    If you are using an Asus ProArt monitor, here's the information I sent them on getting it to work. Hopefully this information might help another person. The time/money wasted between Adobe and Asus was horrible.

    ASUS ProArt 60hz Steps:
    1. Buy USB-C to Display Port conversion cable (
    2. Plugging in that cable from any of the USB-C/TB3 ports on the MacBook Pro to the Display Port of monitor
    3. Change the stream of the Display port to 1.2 from the monitor menu (System Setup > DisplayPort Stream > DisplayPort 1.2)
    4. Change the display resolution via advanced method. Enter advanced mode by going to File > System Preferences > Displays, hold down the option key and click on “Scaled”. Click the “Show low resolution modes” to reveal “Refresh Rate”. Select a non-low resolution and select “60 Hertz (NTSC)” from the Refresh Rate option.

    This should resolve your problem!

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    AppleJunkie commented  · 

    I bought 46 (Yes, Forty-Six) i9 Apple laptops with paired 32" Asus ProArt 4K monitors. I've included the hardware specs below but we are having the same/similar Illustrator (CC2019) issues. General functionality is impacted by slowness/delays on moving objects, manipulating paths, moving the canvas around, etc.

    I have also found that it appears to stem around high resolution display settings. Using the 4K monitor but dumbing down the display resolution lower than 1080 gives a lot more fluidity and the issue is almost not apparent however, going above 1080 resolution triggers the issue. The delay also gets gradually worse the higher the resolution you set. Forget using your new 4K monitor at that resolution!

    Also, the delay gets worse as your file grows too! The increasing number of points/effects/art boards/layers/etc all start to contribute lengthier delays. This is not experience of one artist, it's all of them! Fresh installs of Mac OS and Adobe Software, wouldn't be an "upgrade" issue here. To help determine these issues, we have: disabled “Print Preview”, tried GPU/CPU processing, disabling OS dictation, reset preferences, swapped out for 24” 1080 dell generic monitors, etc.

    I’ve tried to troubleshoot to the fullest extent. I honestly believe there is an issue with Illustrator at higher resolutions. Adobe, I hope you are listening because this issue has cause me (as IT) a huge headache, has everyone questioning the awesome gear I bought for them AND causing much frustration amongst all my artists. Many artists now have their unused/unplugged color calibrated, high-quality 32” 4K monitors collecting dust behind a crappy 24” generic monitor because of this issue.

    Model Name: MacBook Pro
    Model Identifier: MacBookPro15,1
    Processor Name: Intel Core i9
    Processor Speed: 2.3 GHz
    Total Number of Cores: 8
    Memory: 32 GB
    MacOS: 10.14.6
    Illustrator Version: 23.1.1
    Monitor: Asus ProArt 32 PA328Q

    AppleJunkie supported this idea  · 

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