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Harry Thomas

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    Need More Info  ·  Yogesh Sharma responded

    Please share your thoughts on the following:

    1. Would it make sense to have a separate desktop app, just to create charts, and bring them inside Illustrator or InDesign? It may not be on cloud.

    2. Or would you rather have us work on building it within Illustrator?


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    Harry Thomas commented  · 

    I first tried Illustrator over 23 years ago, along with Macromedia Freehand. I quickly chose Freehand over Illustrator for it's styles and graphic capabilities. Freehand had a great graphing tool - you could create a graph, then size it to fit your space (important in the newspaper business) and then tweak it without ungrouping it.

    In 2005, Adobe bought Macromedia to get your hands on Flash. When you killed Freehand as competition, I was forced for years to create graphs in Illustrator, then ungroup them (destroying the ability to do more than minor edits).

    As I watched Illustrator grow as a tool, I kept hoping that you would eventually get around to the graph tool. Sadly, it's the one area of Illustrator that you never touched. Now that I've left the newspaper graphics business, I don't use the tool anymore. But it still saddens me that it continues to be the same poor tool that I rejected 23 years ago.

    For the sake of your future users, please give it an extreme makeover. Don't make us buy an extra plugin for something you should have fixed years ago.

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