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Illustrator (Desktop) Bugs

When reporting a bug, please provide a detailed description with the following:

  1. Details of your operating system
  2. The version of Adobe Illustrator (desktop) 
  3. The steps you were taking when you experienced the issues
  4. Your expected result and the actual result
  5. Upload your Illustrator file or a video (screen recording or gif, this helps us most to reproduce the issue and resolve it)

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  1. CC 2018 Multiply Blend Mode Incorrect

    CC 2018 & Mac Sierra

    If you apply multiply blend mode to a path, group that and apply multiply again at the group level, you now get 2x multiply. This is wrong whether you look at this from a process ink or spot color printing.

    Omg the uploaded example, I am expecting both left and right sides to be identical to each other, as in versions prior to CC2018.

    We often get files from designers who will try to make a color look good on screen, and printing off a color laser printer. You could for example draw 2 overlapping…

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    We could reproduce this issue at our end, following are the findings

    1. This issue is reproducible in CPU, GPU Rendering and Print Preview(thumbnail).
    2. Reproducible in older versions as well including Illustrator CS6 (not a new break in CC 2018)
    3. Works fine in Overprint Preview
    4. Works fine in Print & PDF

    Please confirm above observation match with the problem reported in this issue

  2. Lines under 1pt render thick in PDF

    In Illustrator, lines thinner than 1pt end up rendering a mess (thick, out of alignment) when viewed in PDF. This is fixed in the viewer by un-checking "Enhance Thin Lines", but it is unreasonable to ask every client of a designer to update that setting. Furthermore it's impossible to un-check this setting, for example on the Vistaprint website where the PDF preview of an AI file is used as the product proof.

    Please fix this. There have been a million excuses on why this is not a bug but a feature, but we NEED the ability to disable it from…

    7 votes

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    Need More Info  ·  Anish Kumar responded


    Apologies for the inconvenience caused to you due to this issue and getting back to you this late.
    We are unable to reproduce this issue in house.
    Can you help the Illustrator team to isolate this issue further so that we can nail this down?
    If yes, then please let me know the following:
    1) Is this Issue still happening on your machine in the Latest version 23.0.3 ?
    2) If yes,Kindly provide Test file(Via File→Package) with which you are facing issue and share with us at in a Zip file.
    Please mention the title of this issue as the subject of the mail.

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