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    Ben Thomas commented  · 

    Thank you all for sharing your feedback. Yes, Egor is right. Our initial release for 3D is in Technology Preview, does not have the planned features such as map art, perspective, comprehensive expand to vector workflow etc.. We are actively working on these and will have it available in future updates.

    That said, since the feature is out in 26.0, we are tracking feedback on this thread:

    So request you to share your feedback there going forward. Thank you again, and we are looking forward to resolving your concerns in future updates.

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    Ben Thomas commented  · 

    Thank you for your valuable feedback! We are excited to announce some updates to the Beta based on the feedback we've received over the past weeks. The build is available for download in Creative Cloud desktop app in the Beta section. In the coming weeks we might release updates more frequently and we recommend that you enable auto-updates to ensure you're on the latest build.

    The latest build contains the following updates:

    1. Unified panel for 3D geometry, materials and lighting.
    Apply through the effect menu (Effects > 3D > Extrude) or directly from the panel (Window > 3D)

    2. Real-time editing
    We've introduced a dedicated real-time renderer which will allow you to quickly work on your artwork before rendering it in high quality using the Ray Tracing renderer. You can choose the renderer and quality from the render settings popup

    3. Vectorized appearance
    You can now render your 3D effect in vector. Choose between Vector and Raster outputs in the render settings popup.

    4. Live editing
    You can now see changes made to the sliders and inputs in the 3D panel apply to the artwork instantly.

    5. Material resolution up to 8K
    You can choose from 1024px to 8192px for materials. Ensure resolution in DRES is increased appropriately to see high resolution results. Rendering will take much longer than usual.

    6. Apple M1 support
    3D effects are now supported on Apple M1 devices. Rendering should be much faster on this platform.

    Few known issues we're working on fixing soon:
    1. Shadows do not appear while in the Real time renderer. To see shadows, please switch to Ray Tracing.
    2. Transform properties (offset, rotation, density) of Materials do not work while in Real time renderer.

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    Ben Thomas commented  · 

    Thank you Mr. Ponce for sharing your feedback. Here are some responses to your main points.

    1. We will have a switch to turn the rendering on or off. When rendering is off, you'll be in real-time preview mode (although at a slightly lower quality). You will be able to try this in a release that's coming in a few weeks time.

    2. Materials will not be a separate panel and will be integrated into the 3D effects panel. We are working on ways to save custom material configurations that you should have available across sessions.

    3. We are working on a better rotation controls which you will be able to try in the August Beta release. Would appreciate your feedback on that.

    4. Ability to add multiple lights is on the roadmap. This might come in later in the year.

    5. We're adding the ability to remove material from the 3D effects panel. So from Appearance panel, you can open the 3D effects panel and see which material is applied and remove it if you wish.

    6. We will work on the seamlessness of materials as they wrap around edges.

    7. The highlights you're seeing on the shadows are possibly because of the ambient or environment light. Could you try with environment light turned off?

    8. We're fixing the resolution for the 'high' setting. It should be much more sharper in the July beta release.

    9. We're working on expanding into vector shapes. This should be available to try in July or August beta release.

    10. Render quality should be much higher in upcoming releases. Do try and let us know.

    Ben Thomas shared this idea  · 

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