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  1. Improved 3D effects and Adobe Substance materials

    We have introduced new and improved '3D and Materials' effects in 26.0 this year. These effects have been fully rebuilt using modern rendering technology and apart from being much more stable than classic 3D effects, they also allow you to:
    * Apply and edit 3D effects conveniently through a non-blocking panel with real time preview.
    * Texture artwork using Adobe Substance 3D materials that are highly adjustable. Choose from built-in materials in the panel or upload your own.
    * Light up artwork with environment and directional light along with shadows.
    * Create smooth and curvy extrusions using the new Inflate…

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    There are now several separate requests made, based on the feedback in this thread:

    1. Regarding adjustable color and opacity for 3D shadows:

    2. Regarding presets for each tab in 3D and Materials panels: Object, Materials, Lighting:

    All those who commented on the topic until October 16, 2023, are already added as voters there. If this is something you want to have for 3D and Materials in Illustrator — please upvote it. If possible — create new requests and bug reports about 3D, rather than commenting here inside. This will help the team to better prioritize efforts on making the feature better. As always — thanks for the feedback! It helps.

Illustrator Feature Feedback


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