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    It seems like the problem is not about the bounding box...

    If you don’t see anchors selected, please check if you have View > Show Edges enabled. It's easy to toggle it with Cmd/Ctrl + H, and it’s a common mishap.

    If that’s the thing for you (or not) — please comment back.

    As for the bounding box specifically (the frame with 8 scale/rotations markers) — it never shows up when using the Direct Selection tool, and never was, and should not.

    If you need to scale or rotate a partial selection of anchors, use Free Transform or Rotate or Scale tools instead.

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    Megan commented  · 

    Hey, I had this issue as well! But I think I understand the change even though I don't agree with it. Direct Selection tool functions like it does in photoshop now for the 2020 Illustrator. In the sense it doesn't do anything BUT select... I mean they could've still made the bound box visible for us at the least, but selection is all it does now.

    I found that while in Selection Tool when I pressed the CONTROL button and then on the anchor point I wanted to adjust, it brought up different commands for the selection tool. I'm not sure what others are trying to do specifically, but for myself I was trying to round & move specific corners, so pressing command worked for me in terms of that, but I'll have to keep playing around to see if it works in other instances.

    Hope this helps!

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