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Breck Harris

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    We have done further updates to Dimension tool with recently released version - 28.3

    You can create and use your custom scale for dimension, hide or show units on dimensions and dimensions are now sticky to the object - they transform as well when you transform the object.

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    Breck Harris commented  · 

    Great tool and will help a ton! However, some changes and improvements needed to be fit for any production work:

    1) Precision: Whole numbers should still have the full precision for any actual production environment. 23 mm implies accurate to a full millimeter. 23.0 mm implies an accuracy to a tenth of a millimeter. So when I select 0.0 as my accuracy, it needs to be reflected across every dimension.

    2) On that note, precision for Angles and Lengths should be separate options.

    3) Leaders: An option for a leader would be great for dimensions that are too narrow to fit the full dimension text inside.

    4) Adjusting dimension location: The length dimensions can be moved closer and away by having the dimension tool selected and dragging the existing dimensions. However radii dimensions can’t be moved once placed the same way and I can’t figure out if there is a way to do it.

    5) Currently the dimensions are all placed in a top level layer. This is okay, but I prefer to have my artboard contents contained in different layers. So for multiple drawings I’d want a dimension layer in each one.

    6) Tolerance: Having a way to add the tolerance to a dimension in necessary in production. i.e ± 2

    7) In-line measurements: Having the dimension in a gap in line with the dimension line rather than resting on top makes it much easier to fit dimensions in tight spaces and make them easier to read.

    8) Presets: It would be great to be able to have presets. Some artboards are small and others are very large. Having to set all the settings each time for legible dimensions is very tedious.

    9) Live updates: Not necessary since they are so easy to create but if I extend a shape or resize a dimension with a shape, having the dimension text update too would be amazing.

    10) Scale: Standard scales would be nice. 1:2, 1:3, etc. Maybe too much to ask for a built in tool but would definitely get some use.

    Thanks again and I look forward to using this tool extensively as it matures.

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