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    Need More Info  ·  Yogesh Sharma responded

    A couple of questions on this:

    1. Would it be okay to have a separate spec creation service much like the upcoming Adobe XD service? On this service, anyone with a link, can select any objects, and view its dimensions (W/H), colors, fonts etc. Or should it be inside Illustrator.

    2. Are you only going to create horizontal, and vertical dimensions? Or would you also like to have angular dimensions as well?

    Please share more details about your workflow.


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    Anonymous commented  · 

    Usecase from corrugated board printer:

    We are preparing files to print, sometimes it requires moving object so we need to measure distances to technical drawing. Basically if technical drawing is a square, and we have a circle, which was centered, and we had to move it, we will measure distance from top line of square to most top point of circle, bottom line of square to most bottom top of circle, and analogically with left and right distance.

    Auto updating when resizing would be cool. When for example there was a measure created for a rectangle diagonal - resizing the box could update size of the diagonal.

    Would be probably harder when measured is distance between to objects, but there are still two anchors.

    So in case of measuring distance between two anchors, it could be just like keeping additional data for those two points, that they were connected with measure, and there should be drawn line with label about distance. Not sure if there is a need to be able to add measures for empty space - not attaching it to any points. Then it probably shouldn't update?

    During few years never used scaling myself, but for architecture it's probably important.

    Also - each company has it's own brand etc. - customization of font, color, thicnkess of lines, ending arrows would be a great addition - maybe some measurement styles? - you could create them like regular border styles.

    Diagonal measurements are also helpful, although not so common, but not having them would hurt.
    Radial measurements - angles etc. are not so needed in that usecase.

    I'm thinking about where those dimensions should be kept, maybe another 'eye' icon on each layer which would show/hide the dimensions on specific layer? It would be some upgrade over the CadTools in my opinion. Or just a sublayer created for each layer where dimensions are being drawn, but allowing and forcing dimensions to be drawn there, so it's easy to grab them later.

    Currently using HotDoor CadTools, but waiting for their late releases is a pain.

    Anonymous supported this idea  · 

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