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    Hi Everyone,

    We have fixed this bug in our latest release – v 24.2.1 which is available worldwide now. Thanks for your patience on this.

    Please note that after upgrading you might still see that Align To sets itself to Align to Key Object. If you see this, please manually set the Align To to the required setting, and this reported bug will not happen again. You’ll need to this one time only.

    The reason Align To might get set to Key Object after update is because Ai remembers your last Align To on subsequent launches as well. So, if your last Align To was Key Object before quitting/upgrading, after first multi-selection, it will set itself to Key Object. After you manually change it one-time, it will work fine.

    You can update to the latest release using Creative Cloud desktop App:

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    Hiroshi commented  · 

    1. Mac OS 10.15.5 (MacBook Pro 2017 15 inch)
    2. Illustrator v24.3

    Even after the alignment bug fix in the new v24.3, there seems to be persisting alignment tool bug.

    When you want to align multiple objects (whether align top, bottom, right, or left), the objects often move to a fixed direction regardless of the direction you chose.

    For example, when you have two objects chosen, and you wanted to align to left, the item you were trying to use as a reference now moves to the right instead.

    At least on my computer with the current v24.3 Illustrator, the following steps let me align the objects properly.

    1. Select the object that you would like to use as an alignment reference and "Bring to front".
    2. Select all the objects you want to align together with the reference object, and use the align tool to choose the direction.

    I hope this helps.

    Hiroshi supported this idea  · 

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