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Illustrator (Desktop) Bugs

When reporting a bug, please provide a detailed description with the following:

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  2. The version of Adobe Illustrator (desktop) 
  3. The steps you were taking when you experienced the issues
  4. Your expected result and the actual result
  5. Upload your Illustrator file or a video (screen recording or gif, this helps us most to reproduce the issue and resolve it)

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  1. clipping mask Bug/glitch


    I'm using illustrator CC (25.1) and MacOS 11.1.

    When I use clipping mask, sometimes Illustrator shows a duplicate shape of that mask or shows what's inside the clipping mask (that should be hidden). When I scroll through the artboards, the clipping mask start to blink like a glitch effect.

    If you look the at the attached files you can see at the top, a clipping mask with some brown shapes inside. When I scroll down, another rectangle shows up.

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    So, this is not completed, and there is a newer report made here —

    I am closing comments for this old report, but adding all those who voted here after the issue was erroneously marked as 'completed' as voters in the newer one.

    I encourage every user who has this problem to go and vote, since it’s the only way to make this thing fixed. If you know someone who has the same problem — ask them to vote too.

    Remember to provide your OS and GPU details, since the bug is a computer-specific one, because it happens only for some of us.

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