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    dishdesigner commented  · 


    Locking artboards especially....The "Lock" command is completely blind.
    It is very useful when needing to select upper objects without disturbing art below (when zoomed in!)

    But when you add elements to the array of objects that are currently locked, you must Unlock ALL to get just one element unlocked.

    Often, that unlocks elements WAY over on other artboards that are out of sight.
    Locking all artboards other than the active one would be immensely helpful.

    While we're at it, I've always wanted some kind of Lock Highlight feature:

    Much like editing a Group after double-click (which grays out all other artboard objects while you edit only that grouped object), I'd like to be able to see a grayed out preview of all the locked objects.

    With a keyboard shortcut (e.g. Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Click), you could Unlock individual elements, then exit Lock Highlight mode and keep working.

    That would keep you from needing to go back around and relock other elements you didn't want to disturb.

    Yes, I know you could do this with Layers!
    But there are definitely times when you don't need 100 layers to make typical corporate graphics instead of detailed illustrations. You just want to work quickly with some basics (like Background, Images, Text layers...and done.)

    If every element in the Illustrator file format is tracked internally with unique IDs, and they all have characteristics including Artboard, then why can't it be relatively easy to filter and lock objects by Artboard like you can now by Layer? Shouldn't be a gigantic programming challenge...

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