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    Thanks for reporting the issue .
    We have fixed the bug which was orignally reported but it seems some users are still facing the issue.

    We are not able to reproduce this issue in house now ,Kindly provide following info to nail down this issue:

    1)Kindly provide some video , Test file(Via File→Package) & some steps with which you are facing issue and share with us at .

    2)Please try the below mentioned workaround and let us know if that helps:

    If you do not use custom Adobe PDF presets/joboptions or not heard of it then follow the below steps
    1. Navigate to user presets folder
    Win: appdata\Adobe\Adobe PDF\Settings
    Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe PDF/Settings
    2. Rename the folder to “Settings old” and create a new empty folder “Settings” in the same place
    3. Launch Illustrator and check if you can save the document

    If you use custom…

    An error occurred while saving the comment
    Wayne commented  · 

    F'ing Adobe does it again. I repeatedly get 'An Unknown Error Occurred' on artwork that was previously saving up until an hour ago. This, after days of work and no problem, suddenly it just decides to stop! How now do I save the latest and most important iterations of my work??? F'ing Adobe!!!! So sick and tired of their software not working. Also, over the last month Adobe Fonts won't work. Certain fonts won't register as activated EVERY SINGLE TIME I open the artwork. I literally have to deactivate or signout of CC, then re-activate the font again - EVERY TIME, EVERY DAY. I have had three support calls about this - TOTAL waste of time, support are useless. £118 per month!!! AND they ditched us on Muse and Business Catalyst. Who is going to hold them accountable - we all put our livelihoods in their hands while they buy up and wipe out the competition. Rubbish f'ing company.

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