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    The latest Beta finally offers transparency support.

    Transparent background is no longer traced as white in color presets '3 Colors', '6 Colors', '16 Colors', 'Low Fidelity Photo' and 'High Fidelity Photo'.

    Not (yet hopefully) supported for Black & White based presets.

    Partial transparency is not supported and will lead to incorrect colors for these regions. Overlapping path method will also result in incorrect object appearance.

    Note also this build introduced Logical Grouping of paths in output when expanded — to hopefully allow easier editing,

    Please try the build and provide feedback.

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    Marina Matic commented  · 

    @egor Thank you.
    Unfortunately, I do not use Illustrator to such advanced level to know or understand this sentence:
    "Trace with ignore white, have only black lines. Make a copy of your artwork below. Release this compound path. Apply Pathfinder Add. Fill white. Select all, Pathfinder Merge."
    I did it manually yesterday on 300 images. I traced them all black and then added a white version in the back, basically, it was an entire day of CTRL+B, CTRL+S CTRL+W.
    Plus I wanted to set the action to save as SVG but instead of doing it automatically, it keeps asking me to click OK.
    Regarding settings to 100, that was how I got some white interior inside.

    I was hoping I could have white parts split as I get them when tracing normally (the only issue is that extra white block in the back. Then with all those white parts, I could run the script for random swatches fill and get the drawing colored in one click.

    Wish there was a way to set auto delete that white block in the back. I thought it would be easy, just set magic wand at 1/1 pixel and delete that selection.

    But, since everything should be learning process I tried this:

    a) Image trace ignore white
    b) Copy and paste in back - at this step I can't do anything so I guess I have to click Expand under object menu with the bottom layer selected
    c) Under Object menu in the bottom find Compound path and click on release. This will make all black
    d) click on fill in left menu or Color in right menu or if none of them are visible under Window pick Color in my case white
    e) Click save as SVG if it is done manually, if it is set as an action not sure how to auto-set saving as SVG?

    And also fit the artboard to artwork somehow.

    I created an action that goes as mentioned above, it stops at Expand to ask me OK and it stopes at saving asking me to pick svg. So it is semi-automatic, but still better than what I did yesterday. Thank you.

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    Marina Matic commented  · 

    When we trace transparent black and white images where we want to keep white interior and outside transparent in place of transparent we get a white block that can not be removed with scripting or batch, only manually after expand. There should be a setting the image traces only the actual image, not adding BG where there is none.

    Marina Matic supported this idea  · 

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