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  1. Artboards with the same number / missing number

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    The team again asks for help with this issue, since there are not specific steps they can try to reproduce it — the nature of the bug is random.

    If you are a Windows user, the next time you spot a missing or a duplicated number in Artboards panel, please follow these instructions below.

    1. Open Task Manager

    2. In Details tab, locate 'Illustrator.exe'

    3. Right click it and choose 'Create dump file'

    4. Wait until the dumping process is complete and click 'Open file location' button

    5. Find 'Illustrator.dmp' (sorting files by date helps) and compress it with any archiving utility

    6. Upload the archive to a file hosting service of your choice and sent the link for download to Please use the subject 'Artboards numbering bug dump'

    This will help provide necessary clues to locate the source of the problem. If you are a Mac user —…

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    Design Work commented  · 

    Two artboards are numbered as artboard 12. This is not the artboard name- those can be changed and different - but the number that refers to the order. I can delete the second artboard 12, but then, what was 13 is another artboard 12. This is very inconvenient for saving and printing as it won't save or print both artboard 12s, just one of them.

    Design Work supported this idea  · 

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