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    Steve commented  · 

    @Mike is spot on!

    Regardless of other tricks/techniques/approaches discussed here, all of which might help, this thread is about multi-threaded processing, and I have 18 cores and most sit idle while processing complex vectors. This is an illustration (pun intended) of where technology has advanced but the software lags (way, way, way) behind.

    For what Adobe charges us to "subscribe" to a product that keeps adding incremental features, but doesn't fix the engine is like worrying about a cupholder on the Ferrari when its engine is struggling to fire on all cylinders.

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    Steve commented  · 

    I’m not a good one to answer this, but since I outlined the specs for the Mac I’m using, I’ll offer the mea culpa that I always but as much power as I can afford. I can hope that someday Adobe will fix AI, but in the meantime, we do all our video work in Final Cut with a bunch of FxFactory modules, and FCP leverages multi-threading extremely well.

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    Steve commented  · 

    @DouglasSteel: on the Mac, I use iStats, which clearly shows the compute load across cores. Regardless of a tool's idiosnchracies, when it never uses more than 100% of the computer's processing power, it's not multi-threading and by definition, not operating as efficiently as possible. Waiting an additional 45 seconds every time I render an effect on a vector adds up when you do a hundred a week. I'd buy the argument if multi-threading were a new technology, but it's not, and Adobe, for whatever reason, hasn't kept up with the technology.

    Happy to hear of your experience on an 8 year old MBP, but considering a lack of issues at your end doesn't negate the issues others are having. A comparison from one user/platform to another provides no meaningful insight unless the compute tasks are identical and the rest of the configuration somewhat similar. And I have a brand new iMac Pro, with 18 cores and 128GB of RAM along with high end GPU, and to see a beachball when I render simply isn't acceptable.

    Steve supported this idea  · 
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    Steve commented  · 

    Let me add my voice to the chorus of multi-threading. One of the primary reasons most of us invested in higher-power multi-threaded compute platforms is for graphics work. For Adobe to be a decade behind the curve from a development perspective is unconscionable. I have a very nice 18-core machine that slices through video rendering in Final Cut Pro like a warm knife on soft butter, but I can wait 3 minutes for AI to apply the Torn Edges effect on a simple white rectangle. Silly indeed.

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