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    I am happy to share that we have fixed this bug in our latest release – 23.0.6 which is available worldwide now.

    Going forward, our goal is to fix as many top User-Voice bugs as possible and as frequently as possible. Given the nature of the fixes, some of the bugs will take a longer time to fix, but we are on it.

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    Anonymous commented  · 

    Here is my conversation about this to Adobe in 2016. I think it is BS because it only affects Illustrator.

    Abhishek: Hello! Welcome to Adobe support.
    Abhishek: Please allow me 3-4 minutes while I review your issue.
    Abhishek: Thank you for your patience.
    Abhishek: I can see you are facing working in Illustrator while connected to VPN. Am I correct ?
    Matt Hendey: Yes
    Abhishek: okay
    Abhishek: Where the files are saved on which you are working on ? locally or network ?
    Matt Hendey: I never got a chance to even start working on a file this time. In the past the files were opened from the local drive but the issue was still there.
    Abhishek: okay
    Abhishek: It is an issue with file server and network settings in your office.
    Abhishek: Kindly contact IT team in the office and ask them to whitlist following URL's and port numbers.
    Matt Hendey: No. I only have the issue with the VPN on.
    Matt Hendey: This issue has been posted to the Adobe forums from other users.
    Abhishek: Understood, Ai is not able to connect to Adobe server that is why there is a lag.
    Matt Hendey: port 80 and 443 should always be open and are that I know of. This does not explain the file save issue does it?
    Abhishek: Yes, it does because it depends how Illustrator is connected and communicating with the server.
    Matt Hendey: Which server?
    Abhishek: Adobe Server, it is required to connect in order to sync CC library item.
    Matt Hendey: Ok, then if it can't connect where is the error?
    Abhishek: It is an issue with VPN software and setitings, once the mentioned URLs are whitlisted then it will work for you.
    Matt Hendey: I just CC to instal Light Room. No issues.
    Abhishek: Matt, you have to understand this, however you are connected to Internet that doesn't matter via VPN or with VPN. So Internet connection is active and it will work but there is no gurantee for the same.
    Abhishek: So, you have to whitlist the addresss those are mentioned in the link above,
    Abhishek: There is nothing we can do, as it is not an issue with Adobe Illustrator.
    Matt Hendey: Ok, I will shut off the Wifi and try it then. I bet Illustrator works fine.
    Abhishek: Sure thing.
    Matt Hendey: You want me to Whitelist a massive list of domains on my routers so Illustrator does not throw a fit when I save a local file. Sounds fishy to me.
    Abhishek: You use VPN to connect to office network correct ?
    Abhishek: Are we still connected?
    Matt Hendey: Ya, I'm just thinking about what your saying and how messy it sounds and how to respond because it doesn't sound right. Just saying!
    Abhishek: You have ask IT team in the office to whitlist those urls and port numbers in the office network.
    Matt Hendey: Ya, I am the IT team and it doesn't sound correct or it sounds like a poorly design system but either way I will take this and run with it. In the mean time what ever works I will post to the forums for the poor souls that are stuck with this issue. Thanks for you help.
    Abhishek: Sure, no problem.
    Abhishek: Thank you for contacting Adobe. Wish you a pleasant day ahead. Good Bye.

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