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    I am closing the ticket due to lack of response.
    Please get in touch with us at any of the other support channels – . Please give a reference to this post so that we can identify you.
    Since this is not a generic issue that we can reproduce at our end, we will need someone to look into your machine to figure out what is going on here.

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    Shelby Manney commented  · 

    1. Adobe Illustrator CC 23.0.1 2019 / MACOS Mohave 10.14.1
    2.1 Slow or Not Responding - Launch Adobe Illustrator - by clicking on icon in dock or in applications folder
    2.2 If it launches - Click on Open from Dashboard and try to open a file - it becomes non-responsive or takes forever.
    2.2.1 Tried opening ai files (any of them I have) directly- same issue
    2.2.1 Tried to command copy and save to change location I have filed stored - it copies to new location, including adobe cloud, same issue
    2.2.3 New files never show up in recent files on dash board or in file menu- only some very old ones.
    2.2.4 Tried to change file name to see if that helps- does not
    2.3 Tried to create a new file - takes a while, but on save of a file with a single line in it (save as ai) - again non-responsive, regardless of file location
    2.4 tried to shut down computer, tried to uninstall and reinstall adobe cloud and illustrator, tried to run illustrator 2017. Nothing is working!
    3. Expected result - to be able to quickly launch application either from ai file or from applications/dock and then quickly and easily open, save, and and save as my work as I go.
    4. Taking 3 hours to just open a file and am still unsuccessful - opened the downsampled PDF and am going to try that. However, when I save - same issue if saved as ai file.

    5. Could not upload my illustrator file because .ai files are not allowed, uploaded screen shots of configurations and the PDF version of file.

    -- General Notes
    Interface is Not Responsive when launched
    I have 3 TB Hardrive iMAC with 32 GB RAM - I meet or exceed the requirements. Also this just started happening after last update 23.0.1.

    I am trying to open any ai file type folder. Although slow it seams to open PDF's.

    This happens again when I try to save as or newly save an untiled version.
    I tried to send an error report and that crashed as well.
    I have attached my computers configurations

    Shelby Manney shared this idea  · 

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