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    AltGr is supposed to be equivalent to Alt + ctrl.
    At present, when we press e.g. AltGr + E while writing text, we check if any command can handle it and if yes it is not passed to application to handle key event. That’s why existing commands are triggered on those extended char shortcuts.

    If we want to change the behavior that while writing text key shortcuts (e.g. AltGr + E) should write extended character, Then we will have to sacrifice all the text contextual shortcuts we have at present in app e.g. ctrl + alt + I does something. All those commands would stop working.
    This is the reason why we are moving it to the feature

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    Sicilmedia commented  · 

    Same situation as Oskari described. I have Windows display language set to English (Spanish and Italian also installed and available), while keyboard input language set to Spanish (Spanish is also the only keyboard input language available for the other display languages).

    I want to point out however the problem is not about Illustrator in general, but is restricted to the type tool only, in fact the "Alt Gr + key" combinations work correctly in the search filed of Illustrator to the top right and in the search field of the Keyboard Shortcut window of Illustrator.

    Type tool doesn't recognise any "Alt Gr + key" combination if the user's Windows display language and keyboard input language are not the same languages.

    Workaround 1 (Oskari):
    Close Illustrator if open, switch your Windows display language to the same keyboard language you have set, open Illustrator, type tool now should recognise any "Alt Gr + key" combination.

    Workaround 2:
    Close Illustrator if open, go to Windows "Advanced keyboard settings" and flag the option to choose different input languages for desktop applications (could be something like this: "let me set a different input method for each app window"). Open Illustrator, now you'll see that every time you switch between different applications (e.g.: Chrome) to Illustrator the language bar in the tasktray (available if you set it visible in Windows settings) will change automatically your display language. Type tool in Illustrator now should always recognise the "Alt Gr + key" combinations.

    The latter is better imo because it saves you from the burden to remember every time to switch display language before starting Illustrator.

    Hope this helps and that it gets fixed asap.

    Sicilmedia supported this idea  · 

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