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    Thanks for reporting the issue .
    We have fixed the bug which was orignally reported but it seems some users are still facing the issue.

    We are not able to reproduce this issue in house now ,Kindly provide following info to nail down this issue:

    1)Kindly provide some video , Test file(Via File→Package) & some steps with which you are facing issue and share with us at .

    2)Please try the below mentioned workaround and let us know if that helps:

    If you do not use custom Adobe PDF presets/joboptions or not heard of it then follow the below steps
    1. Navigate to user presets folder
    Win: appdata\Adobe\Adobe PDF\Settings
    Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe PDF/Settings
    2. Rename the folder to “Settings old” and create a new empty folder “Settings” in the same place
    3. Launch Illustrator and check if you can save the document

    If you use custom…

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    J commented  · 

    Despite today's update 24.0.3 - this bug still exists!

    Had a file open, been tweaking it back and forth, went to save and... 'can't save due to unexpected errors'. Had to save it to my desktop instead.

    I can't use Adobe's "fix" of deleting all my PDF presets, I need those presets for my day to day job, they're my client's custom print specifications.

    J supported this idea  · 
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    J commented  · 

    I'm having the same issue, I've read somewhere that it's due to Adobe PDF Presets - do you have any custom presets set up? It's irritating that 2020 seems to have this bug, 2019 was fine with custom PDF presets

    An error occurred while saving the comment
    J commented  · 

    I repeatedly get the error message "Illustrator is unable to save this document [FILE NAME] due to some unexpected errors."

    I have to save the file in a different location, then delete the old file, and move the new file to the old location. I have to do this nearly every time I save, and I've tried multiple different files.

    I did some research, and apparently this is due to Adobe PDF Presets. I have a custom preset set up (to match my local Printer's artwork requirements) that I have successfully been using for 2 years, through various CC updates, but since updated to 2020 this preset is possibly causing these issues.

    Having to delete PDF presets/not being able to use them would be very inconvenient for my work, that said this bug is also very inconvenient.

    Please fix it! Adobe customers shouldn’t have to abandon their PDF presets when they worked so well in previous CC versions.

    As far as I’m aware this problem only occurs in Adobe Illustrator 2020, Indesign (which has the same PDF preset) is unaffected.

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