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    eikonoklastes commented  · 

    I am reposting this bug that was closed by Ashutosh Chaturvedi (Sr. Quality Engineering Manager, Adobe Illustrator) without requesting further information from me, and instead redirecting me to general Adobe support.

    Mr. Chaturvedi, I would appreciate you take the time to understand what the bug is by engaging me in a discussion over here, the official site to report Illustrator bugs, rather than directing me to arbitrary channels that would require me to engage with people who are not directly concerned with dealing with Illustrator issues.

    It is obvious from your response that you didn't understand my description, and the correct route would have been to ask for clarification, rather than summarily dismissing the issue.

    This is a reproducible bug across all Windows machines and if you carefully read my original description you will also be able to reproduce this issue. Regardless, I will give you step by step instructions on how to reproduce the issue.

    1. Select any object in Illustrator.
    2. In the Libraries panel, double-click the name of any item to start renaming it.
    3. Press Ctrl+Left or Ctrl+Shift+Left or Ctrl+Right or Ctrl+Shift+Right

    The bug: The selected graphic will move on the artboard, even though the keyboard focus is inside the Libraries panel item name.

    The expected behaviour: the caret should move to the start/end of the previous/next word in the Libraries panel. It should not affect any objects on the artboard.

    Rationale: Ctrl+ left/right is a standard keyboard shortcut for navigating text on Windows. The equivalent on macOS is Alt/Option + left/right.

    On macOS, Illustrator behaves as expected, and doesn't move the selected objects, and instead move the caret to the next/previous word.

    The original post (that was earlier closed):
    On Windows, Ctrl + Left/Right Arrow allows you to navigate text by jumping between words. If you use Ctrl + Shift + Left/Right Arrow, it will also select as you jump between words.

    The bug: In Illustrator, when typing a name for an item in the Libraries panel, if you try to use either of these shortcuts, it will also move the selected graphic on the artboard.

    Solution: stop sending any keyboard input to the main Illustrator window when typing a name in the Libraries panel.

    eikonoklastes supported this idea  · 
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    Sorry we could not understand the issue. We do not support shifting between words using shortcuts but it should not be placing art on your file if you are in rename mode on the library panel
    Please get in touch with us at any of the other support channels – . Since this is not a generic issue that we can reproduce at our end, we will need someone to look into your machine to figure out what is going on here.

    eikonoklastes shared this idea  · 

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