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  1. Bug in pasting of metafile data from clipboard

  2. a simple object position swap in the transormation panel

  3. Bug Report: Variable data from XML file with Special Character Does not work

  4. Save Vector Artboards by Clipping Vector Art to the Artboard

  5. Enclose Meta to png saved for web

  6. Mouse response too slow to use Illustrator. Clicking on the file menu causes a 5 second delay to open it.

  7. Support for 9-slice scaling for assets in libraries

  8. 'Turn off Data Recovery for complex documents' should be on by default

  9. AI unusable performance lag  ·  Request to Contact Support

  10. Updating to 2019 makes illustrator useless - downloads tons of data upon saving a file

  11. Move the "Merge Live Paint" button from the control panel to the Quick Actions section of the Properties panel

  12. In Variables - "Data set " Name needs to be taking from external CSV file the same way as from XML file. Case Number ADB-6495411-N0N4

  13. Variable data from XML file with Special Character like "&trade"; or "&reg" within a text field does not get populated - this is a BUG ale

  14. All adobe packages should keep automatic timetracking per new file

  15. tools not responsize, grabbing things and not letting them go (including the artboard itself)

  16. improve Graph tool!

  17. Adobe Illustrator Scripting VERY slow - C#

  18. Update didn't update Recovery folder location resulting in data loss

  19. Last frame in a story: textFrameItem.nextFrame is not null

  20. Option to "protect" Type when Scaling/Rotating/Mirroring etc

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