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  1. Data merge like Indesign

  2. Script for Data Merge from excel into Illustrator

  3. Improve Graph / Chart tool  ·  Need More Info

  4. Add data attributes to elements for SVG export

  5. reading XMP data in scripts broken by 25.4 update.  ·  Completed (Comments Open)

  6. Ability to link "Data set name" upon CSV import for Variables panel

  7. AI CC2017 open slow, lags, slow response while while working in Windows 10  ·  Need More Info

  8. import chart data from Excel or CSV

  9. "Save in the Background " instead of Waiting the Progress bar  ·  Completed (Comments Open)

  10. Remember User preference for Responsive SVG / SVGZ

  11. Auto Spell Check (red squiggly line like InDesign, Microsoft and other products)  ·  Completed (Comments Open)

  12. Select more than one layer at once  ·  Completed (Comments Open)

  13. Import or create brushes  ·  Completed (Comments Open)

  14. Option to export to clipping mask boundaries  ·  Completed (Comments Open)

  15. Non printable layers / Template Layer name no longer show in italics in illustrator CC 2018  ·  Completed (Comments Open)

  16. Save As PDF and PDF Export  ·  Under Review

  17. AI 2020 slow

  18. AI 2020 V.24 Unknown Error while saving in AI "when a PDF joboption file is present in the adobe PDF preferences folder"  ·  Need More Info

  19. Adobe Illustrator CC 23.0.1 2019 Not Responding when opening file & Slow on Start MACOS Mohave 10.14.1  ·  Request to Contact Support

  20. Data merge with variables shared by multiple objects should not create errors

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