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  1. Data merge like Indesign

  2. Script for Data Merge from excel into Illustrator

  3. Improve Graph / Chart tool  ·  Need More Info

  4. "Save in the Background " instead of Waiting the Progress bar  ·  Completed

  5. Add data attributes to elements for SVG export

  6. AI CC2017 open slow, lags, slow response while while working in Windows 10  ·  Need More Info

  7. import chart data from Excel or CSV

  8. Remember User preference for Responsive SVG / SVGZ

  9. Auto Spell Check (red squiggly line like InDesign, Microsoft and other products)  ·  Completed

  10. Option to export to clipping mask boundaries  ·  Completed

  11. Non printable layers / Template Layer name no longer show in italics in illustrator CC 2018  ·  Completed

  12. Adobe should add newly released Pantone colors with every software update. Responsibility for this should not fall on user shoulders.

  13. Slow response time

  14. AI 2020 V.24 Unknown Error while saving in AI "when a PDF joboption file is present in the adobe PDF preferences folder"  ·  Need More Info

  15. AI 2020 slow

  16. Adobe Illustrator CC 23.0.1 2019 Not Responding when opening file & Slow on Start MACOS Mohave 10.14.1  ·  Request to Contact Support

  17. Recolor artwork window stops working shortly after opening (Illustrator CC2018)  ·  Completed

  18. Moving objects - error message "can't move the object"  ·  Completed

  19. Click and touch release problems Illustrator CC 2018 Mac High Sierra - cause dictation software  ·  Request to Contact Support

  20. Data merge with variables shared by multiple objects should not create errors

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