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    AltGr is supposed to be equivalent to Alt + ctrl.
    At present, when we press e.g. AltGr + E while writing text, we check if any command can handle it and if yes it is not passed to application to handle key event. That’s why existing commands are triggered on those extended char shortcuts.

    If we want to change the behavior that while writing text key shortcuts (e.g. AltGr + E) should write extended character, Then we will have to sacrifice all the text contextual shortcuts we have at present in app e.g. ctrl + alt + I does something. All those commands would stop working.
    This is the reason why we are moving it to the feature

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    Oskari commented  · 

    Here's a screen recording of the bug

    As you can see, the characters work fine in Photoshop and text editor, but not in Illustrator.

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    Oskari commented  · 

    Affects version 22.1 (64bit) on Windows 10 and most likely all Illustrator versions since fall 2016 when I first noticed and reported this problem.

    I'm using Windows 10 (though I think I first had this problem with Windows 7) with Finnish (Nordic) keyboard but Windows language set to English. The problem is that if I have my input language set to English and keyboard set to Finnish when starting Illustrator, I can't type special characters that are behind Alt Gr button. These include at least @, £, $, € characters as well as {} and [] brackets.

    If I change my input language to Finnish and restart Illustrator, the special characters work as expected, ie. by pressing Alt Gr + 2 for @, Alt Gr + E for € and so on.

    Illustrator is the only program that does this. The special characters work fine in Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere, AfterEffects, Adobe XD, MS Office, Firefox, Chrome, Notepad and all the other software I've ever used, no matter what the selected Windows input language is, as long as my keyboard is set to Finnish / Nordic.

    I believe this might be the case with following bug reports too:

    Hope you can finally get this fixed soon!

    Oskari supported this idea  · 
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    Oskari commented  · 

    There are also other issues regarding typing glyphs (at least) on a nordic keyboard; none of the glyphs that are behind Alt Gr work. These include characters like
    @ (Alt Gr + 2)
    £ (Alt Gr + 3)
    $ (Alt Gr + 4)
    { } (Alt Gr + 7 & 0)
    [ ] (Alt Gr + 8 & 9)

    I've reported this bug two or three Illustrator version ago but there is still no fix...

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