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Tom Auger

My feedback

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    38 comments  ·  Illustrator Feature Requests » Effects  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

    Hi Everyone,

    All the effect checkboxes have now been set to ON by default, and are sticky (meaning that if you disable preview, on next launch of Illustrator preview will remain disabled). This functionality now is available in our latest release build – 24.1.1 for Win and 24.1 for Mac which is available worldwide now.

    What’s new in 24.1:

    You can update to the latest release using Creative Cloud desktop App:

    Thank you for all the feedback.

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    Tom Auger commented  · 

    Interesting @Paul Roper.

    I'm wondering what you consider an "old version" in this case. It has behaved this way since as long as I can remember, but admittedly I've been using Illustrator for over 30 years (OMG) which makes me OLD, and my memory is probably quite leaky.

    At any rate, this per-session stickiness doesn't cut it for me.

    As I mentioned earlier in this thread (a number of years ago!), the use case for defaulting to OFF was most likely performance related and probably showed up around 5.0 (which was a performance nightmare IIRC). since then of course, our computers have become more performant and with GPU support, "performance" should not win over "usability" anymore.

    So my vote is still to go one step further and default to ON.

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    Tom Auger commented  · 

    This is STILL NOT FIXED as of the latest build (May 2020)

    @varun It is May 1, 2020 and I am looking at build 24.1.2 on Mac and NOT seeing the behaviour that the Adobe Product Manager is describing.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Open up latest AI
    2. Create and select a shape
    3. Object > Transform > Rotate

    4. Observe the "Preview" checkbox. It defaults to "Off". Set it to "On"
    5. Close the dialog
    6. With the shape still selected, Object > Transform > Scale
    7. Observe the checkbox: checked. This has been the behaviour since time immemorial.

    8. Close Illustrator completely
    9. Open Illustrator, Open the same (or a new) document
    10. Repeat steps 1-7.

    I do not see why the Product Manager has told us the issue is fixed. This is the same behaviour as it has been for a decade.

    THE REQUEST IS either:
    A. always default the "Preview" option in all dialogs to "ON" (and it's ok to "sticky" your preference for that session)
    B. make the user's selection sticky across all documents and all sessions (ie: save the user's preference even when the app is closed and reopened)
    C. Let the user set their preference in Preferences / UI (this is the best option IMHO)

    If someone else has gotten it to work as expected, please post here as I'm still hoping the Product Manager's words are true and I'm just missing a step somewhere.

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    If you will export artboards in any fractional scale or by specifying height and width you will get correct output.

    The best way to not get an extra pixel is keep your artboard coordinates in integers. You can achieve that by changing the reference point of artboard to top left and typing in the nearest integer or do Make Pixel Perfect(Object > Make Pixel Perfect). If size of your artboard is increased please manage that accordingly and export.

    Thanks & Regards
    Nitish Agarwal
    Illustrator Team

    Tom Auger supported this idea  · 

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